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Doncel Luis

Luis Doncel

His specialty is the design and layout of irrigation systems for golf courses. Innovative engineer in the field of irrigation and pumping that he puts at the service of his clients to obtain sustainable and lasting projects.

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Didier Comte

Founder of IMAGINIEUR. Expert in golf course construction with more than 40 years of experience. His specialty is the design of irrigation, drainage, pumping systems, waterfalls and lakes.

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Alejandro Reyes Imaginieur

Alejandro Reyes

Agricultural engineer expert in construction and maintenance of golf courses. Superintendent at Le Golf National for 6 years. Expert in the preparation of highly demanding sporting events such as Ryder Cup 2018 & 2023.

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Pascual Villanueva - hydraulic engineer Imaginieur

Pascual Villanueva

More than 25 years of experience in the irrigation sector. Specialist in irrigation materials and communication systems that guarantee an efficient use of resources.

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